Creating brands with a difference.






The ultimate storytelling brand
Lowlander Botanical beer, beautiful packaging, bottle labels and glassware designed and illustrated by Mutiny Agency .
Spirited Union Distillery Lemon and Leaf Botanical Rum cocktail, packaging, logo, illustration and brand design by Mutiny Agency.

Spirited Union

Building a brand for a new sector


Updating a brand to tell it's story
Pukka Brand and packaging  designed by Mutiny Agency founder and design artist Darren Whittington with Space Creative. Pukka range of herbal teas and vitamins, Packaging design, pukka logo design created by Mutiny Agency founder and design artist Darren Whittington.
Waitrose Sparkling Juice drinks Award winning Packaging designed by Mutiny Agency and Turner Duckworth London. Botanical designs for Waitrose sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks. Waitrose identified this as an area where they could offer their customers a new choice of soft drink – sparkling juice,  Mutiny Agency teamed up with Turner Duckworth London to help create the packaging design for the range.
Award winning Packaging Design for Waitrose designed by Mutiny Agency.
Waitrose White Grape, Apple and Elderflower sparkling juice drink bottle label botanical design created by Mutiny Agency.


Giving consumers choice


Brand as a force for good
Coca Cola wanted to use its brand as a vehicle for change and partnered with WWF to create the hugely successful 'Arctic Home' campaign raising awareness of global warming and the threats posed to the polar bear habitat and in turn raise money to help fund research and support local Inuit and other Arctic communities.

Working with Turner Duckworth San Francisco, Mutiny Agency Created the iconic polar bears and styling that adorned every can and piece of packaging and turned the iconic Coke cans white for the first time in Cokes history. Packaging Design, London Olympics, Coca Cola designed by Mutiny Agency.
The Body Shop approached Mutiny Agency following the merger with the L’Oréal group to help translate their vision to their internal global franchise team and create a film and communication mechanism that could be used to drive key messages at their main conference and through internal communications over the year.
Branding, design, animation, info graphic, design by Mutiny Agency for The Body Shop.
Banana Banane Conditioner by Body Shop.

The Body Shop

Building a brand vision

Liz Earle

The original online > offline brand
Liz Earle Superskin packaging designed by Mutiny Agency in collaboration with Turner Duckworth London. Mutiny Agency created the graphic styling and packaging design for Liz Earle’s Superskin range.  The  iconic  Superskin range packaging design and illustrations capture the story of the natural ingredients inside, that leave skin feeling soft and smooth.
Packaging design, logo design, graphic design for Liz Earle Superskin by Mutiny Agency and Turner Duckworth.
Gear 4 children’s range of Headphones called EARZ packaging is designed and illustrated by Mutiny Agency. Illustrations urban characters packaging design, character creation created by Mutiny Agency for Gear 4.


The packaging experience